Monday, 3 August 2009

Barcelona: Return to Mercat de la Boqueria

I just had to go back to the Boqueria market on my last day, I loved it there and wanted to take more pictures (and buy more fruit and eat fish). These are the photos I took, this time trying to capture the people that worked in the market a little more closely. My favourite shot is of the woman gutting squid (that looks like what she's doing, I'm not toally sure).

The guy in the last photo was muy angry about something and was shouting and gesticulating at the girl working at the fruit stall, who was mainly ignoring him, as was his wife who just stood there staring blankly at the fruit.


zoe said...

Love your blog. Did you try the ham - they sell extremely expensive Spanish ham in a shop at Borough Market. It's devoted almost entirely to Spanish ham.

Anna Higgie said...

there was ham there for like 160 euros for a kilo, so no, i kinda let the ham be.... not a huge ham person anyway, so thats cool