Saturday, 22 January 2011

Joanna Newsom

Went to the see Joanna Newsom perform at the Palau de la Musica Catalana in Barcelona on Thursday night.
It was just breathtaking. I love her so much, and the Palau is so beautiful, it was the perfect setting for her.

Her setlist:
‘Bridges And Balloons’
‘Have One On Me’
‘Go Long’
‘Inflammatory Writ’
‘Soft As Chalk’
‘Good Intentions Paving Company’

1st Encore:
‘Baby Birch’

2nd Encore:
‘On A Good Day’

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Mossy point beach

It was raining a bit but we swam out anyway.

Walking around in Melbourne

high blue sky, hot sun, the smell of eucalyptus, the sound of bugs in the dry grass

Morning light

Late night things

Jim's Greek Tavern

On Johnston st, Collingwood, Melbourne

Toilet walls
 Bar Open

Dinner by Brie

Brie made chicken and pork skewers with home-made satay sauce, fresh lime juice, chopped up red chillies, basil and coriander. Amazing

NYE pt. 3

Drinking vodka and singing songs late at night in Susie's kitchen.

NYE pt.2

Drinking in the garden, waiting for the heat of the day to subside

NYE 2010 pt.1

43 degrees on New Years eve evening... drinking vodka in the kitchen with the fan on high. frequent cold showers