Thursday, 30 May 2013

DOLOR Prints now available exclusively at The Artling

DOLOR cover art for NINJATUNE

Prints of my DOLOR ep image are now available to buy EXCLUSIVELY at The Artling, here.

Find out more about The Artling here.

KUEDO 1 Now available exclusively at The Artling


Prints of my first KUEDO image are now available to buy EXCLUSIVELY at The Artling, here.

About The Artling:

"Talenia Phua Gajardo is the head Art Hunter and CEO of The Artling.
She also has her own architectural design practice which she founded after working for Zaha Hadid Architects in London.
The Artling was founded out of passion for art and design and due to her sentiment that Asian artists are greatly under-represented; "There are so many amazing, undiscovered artists in Asia out there that do not have a platform to show and sell their work - we're on a continuous hunt to find these talents, bring them to light and make their work accessible to the international market."
Talenia received a BA(Hons) Architecture from Central Saint Martin's in London and lived in London for more than 10 years. She is now based in Asia where she continues to search for artists all around the region."

Monday, 20 May 2013

Floral Fabric Design 2


This is the second of two floral fabric designs I've created for a new menswear clothing label. The design will be printed onto cotton and used to make mens sweaters (although I'm hoping to get a small one to wear myself!). I drew the flower pattern using graphite, ink and watercolour, and then manipulated the colours, positioning etc in Photoshop.


Work in progress:

pattern 2 work in progress

pattern 2 work in progress

Initial sketches:

pattern 2 first draft

1st draft work in progress

Floral Fabric Design 1


This is the first of two floral fabric designs I was asked to create by a new clothing label which is about to launch. The fabric is going to be printed on cotton and used for a range of menswear sweaters. I drew the flowers in graphite, coloured pencil and watercolour, and then manipulated them in Photoshop to create a repeated pattern. Above is a swatch of all the different flowers included in the design. Below you can see an example of how the flowers look as a repeating pattern.


Work in progress on my desk:

pattern 1 work in progress

Initial sketch:

pattern 1 first draft




Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Spring studio

my studio / my desk

my studio / window

my studio / Anouk

Just a few shots I took last week of the studio I share in Bristol with Anouk (you can see the back of Anouk's head in the last shot).


DOLOR vinyl front

DOLOR vinyl back

My copy of the DOLOR 'Mysteria' Vinyl EP arrived the other day! Very happy with how it looks, I always love seeing my work printed, especially on a vinyl sleeve :-)

From the Piccadilly Records site:

"This 12” EP from Dolor is the second release from Technicolour, the label set up by the producer Photomachine. Dolor has already been championed by Ninja Tune / Brainfeeder artist Lorn, who's a big fan.
Dolor’s persona as a musician has been on the rise of late thanks to a mass of self-released material, including ‘Macabre’, ‘A Chapel For Velvet’, and other innovative collaborations with Milwaukee’s adoptahighway, and Lorn. His ‘Drugs’ mixtape with Lorn was also extremely popular.
This five tracker opens with 'Our Number', a synthwave love-on with future R&B and bass music - emotive slip-sliding autotuned vox, lush strings and atmospheric washes married to off kilter skittering 808s. 'Pull Me In' follows a similar pattern for its first half before taking a turn into darkness... 'It’s Sexy Outside' is also a game of two halves - slow and slinky to start with then heading to the dancefloor on a wave of speeding electrohouse beats. Title track 'Mysteria' goes for the full synthwave layering, letting the alt-R&B beats lead the way as the queasy synths slide over the top. To close 18andCounting adds a moody (and don't-try-this-at-home) rap to future hip hop 'Classic Is Over'."

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Hand painted Charlie Crowther-Smith chair photographed by Theo Cottle


This is the chair I recently painted by hand for furniture designer Charlie Crowther-Smith. Photographer Theo Cottle took the chair on an outing out and about in Bristol on Saturday and took some snaps of it.



SHAMBALA Poster illustration and design


I've just finished this, a hand drawn poster for Shambala Festival.

From the Shambala website:

"Well over a decade ago, a motley collection of dreamers, thinkers, artists, radicals and romanticists decided to get together under the stars over a summer weekend. We wanted to make a place to party, free our minds, lose our hearts, learn, discuss and be inspired and see what is achievable as a community.
Shambala is a space to play, to reinvent, revitalise and then to return to the world fuelled-up on the beauty of being alive. It’s a playground, a realm for wild experimentation and alternative education where unforgettable life skills are shared, learned and put to use.
We see Shambala as so much more than just a monumental party. It’s a haven, a think-tank and a happening all infused with a heartfelt, purposeful hedonism. So, let’s revel in being human, in all the things we do so well – the euphoric heights to tangible solutions- and see how much we really can do together."

If you haven't been before, I highly recommend Shambala festival, it's the funnest! I've been for the last 4 years and I love it. It's a magical village of joy, and a great way to see the summer out.

Scroll down to see work in progress and inspiration:

LONGER WEB VERSION (and full lineup):

SHAMBALA POSTER web version small



peacock instagram


SHAMBALA POSTER quick sketch 2

SHAMBALA POSTER quick sketch 1

INSPIRATION! (Vintage Glastonbury... check the peacocks...)