Tuesday, 25 August 2009


Just discovered this miraculous little website.

I have a cold, it is very irritating.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Budapest: the Gellert

The Gellert pool and spa was where I spent most of three of the five days I was in Budapest. It doesn't look it from these photos, as they were taken right at the end of the day, but Budapest was scorching hot the whole time we stayed. The only place to be was by the pool.

The Gellert is famous for its thermal baths, where you can bathe in water that has shot up hot and rich straight from the center of the earth. You cannot take photos in the thermal section however, I think because quite a lot of the older, more local ladies like to get in the nude as they bathe.

The ladies in the last picture are carved into the wall at the entrance of the spa...

Budapest: Covered market

Budapest, the end of our journey. Have been here five days and its home tomorrow, home sweet home.

These are pictures from the covered markets in the centre of Budapest. I love to photograph markets. The Covered market reminds me of this market I visited recently.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Achensee: Early morning

I got up early and took photos in the misty morning, as the sleepy clouds drifted down from the mountains toward the lake.

Achensee: Butterfly

This butterly came and landed on my hand when I was out hiking round the lake and just sat there for about ten minutes while I walked.

It was very tricky taking a picture of him/her with just my left hand but somehow I managed it by sort of holding the camera with my neck while I peered through the viewfinder.


After driving for what felt like forever, from northern France through Switzerland Germany and Austria, we finally arrived in idyllic Pertisau, a tiny town on the shore of the Achensee, a spectacular mountain lake in Tirol (Austria).

It was so beautiful there, and it looks like how I imagine some parts of New Zealand might look like.

Saturday, 15 August 2009


We stopped on the way from France to Austria in a Swiss town called Romanshorn. This is my lunch, it was smokey and salty and good. The waitress didn't know the English word but said the smoked fish was 'Felchen' and that it was a lake fish. Rosenhorn is by a huge lake called Lake Constance. Thats my mum stealing some fish on the left.

I want to see more of Switzerland, I was only there for a couple of hours.

Brittany: Another sundown

These are pictures from the last night we spent in Brittany. It was sad to leave, it is such a calm, beautiful place.

Brittany: Fruits de Mer

This is where I ate dinner (the place on the far right)...

...and this is what I ate. Have you ever seen anything like it?

In France, you have to work for your food. They give you a nutcracker and you get your hands really dirty trying to break into all those thick hard shells to find food within.

The best was the crab, but you have to be careful because they leave its weird grey mushy brain bits in and they are just lurking there if your not careful. The crabs arms and legs are the safest bet.

Brittany: French birds

French seagulls....

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Brittany: Sundown at the beach

I took these after dinner one night, on the windy beach where children were still playing and men had come down with their fishing rods. The light was just as it looks in the pictures, bright pink and soft blue, and the air was cool and salty.