Monday, 30 January 2012

Sonntagszeitung "Finest" commission

"Finest" is a supplement magazine of the Swiss newspaper Sonntagszeitung. It is distributed bi-yearly with the newspaper, which has a circulation of 270'000 copies in Switzerland.


The first art assignment was to make a small/symbolic collage illustration of these items (to accompany the text in an article on "new & current fashionable trends"). For instance: fur vests; heavy eye brows; medium length skirts; the colors 'orange' and 'petrol' and other 'jewel' colors; turtle necks; sixties fashion styles (i.e. "swinging London"); oversized; maid fashion styles (collars, dresses around the knees, black/white etc); patterns/dots.

This is the final image that was accepted (pencil on paper, digital colour).
(Scroll down to see the rough drafts) :

Rought drafts:


The second assignment consisted of the following: A half page illustration of a "Christmas"-themed column - this should be more like an illustration rather than a collage (and also hava a different look than the above collage).

The illustration should be quite small and accompany a small poem written in German.

This is a loose translation of the German text: Mum in her kitchen apron / black/white stripes / red lipstick / we are sledging outdoors and coming back home into the warm with freezing hands / smell of christmas cookies ("mailaenderli", a typical swiss traditional chrismas cookie) / lights, candles / the scents of candle wax / the scents coming from the kitchen oven / dust of flower from the cookies (dough) / beautifully decorated table with grandmother's glasses and silverware / singing christmas carols (songs) with the ukulele.

This is the final image that was accepted (pencil on paper, digital colour).
(Scroll down to see the rough draft) :

Rough Draft:


The final assignment was to create a 'simple and modest' portrait of Silvia Aeschbach, the editor-in-chief of Finest Magazine.

This was the final image (pencil on paper, digital colour):

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paddybts said...

Wow! Stumbling on to your work, is a bit like walking into a MacDonald's for a quick, guilty snack, and suddenly discovering that Auguste Escoffier is in charge of the kitchen. Amazing and lovely!
Especially loved the portrait.