Monday, 30 January 2012

NYLON guys commission

I recently completed two commissions for NYLON guys magazine.


This is an illustration of the writer Shalom Auslander to accompany an extract from his latest book.

Shalom has written a lot of stuff dealing with his Jewish background, and his anger relating to it and towards God. He's a pretty intense and angry guy with a lot of inner conflict and mixed feelings, and the art director asked me to try and convey this in my illustration.

I did various roughs but this was the final image (pencil on paper, digital colour):


Illustration to accompany a Q&A with Jon Glaser who made a show called "Delocated" where a guy in the witness protection program makes a reality show about being in the program.

This is what the art director had to say: "We need a portrait but perhaps his face is covered in a ski mask like on the show OR more interesting perhaps you do something that involves obscuring his face somehow but maybe in a more conceptual way. Obviously you're good at that, so just run with the idea. We actually don't need to see him at all."

This is the final image that was accepted (pencil on paper, digital colour).
(Scroll down to see the rough drafts) :

Rough drafts:

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