Friday, 20 September 2013

Flyer for SUNDOWN ART / Not Very Ladylike

SUNDOWN september 2013 150 dpi

Knocked up this flyer this week for the fine folks at SUNDOWN arts - in their own words "a diverse arts event playing host to live music, spoken word, comedy, short films, DJ’s and any other performance art. It is based in Southend-on-sea but now curates events in London and throughout the UK, including many festivals."

From the organiser, about this particular event: "Not Very Ladylike features emerging theatre company Old Trunk, with one of their witty, unique plays/sketches. There is also the comedy poet Liz Bentley whose material is pretty edgy. Then the performance artist Caroline Smith, who also does some unique, raw material.
So the concept is an all-female cast with edgy, unique material that pushes the envelope a little.
I like the look of fifties style women from those forties and fifties style adverts, where women were supposed to be prim and like a lady but maybe give the flyer a punk rock feel to it. Or a pop art feel."






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