Wednesday, 8 May 2013


DOLOR vinyl front

DOLOR vinyl back

My copy of the DOLOR 'Mysteria' Vinyl EP arrived the other day! Very happy with how it looks, I always love seeing my work printed, especially on a vinyl sleeve :-)

From the Piccadilly Records site:

"This 12” EP from Dolor is the second release from Technicolour, the label set up by the producer Photomachine. Dolor has already been championed by Ninja Tune / Brainfeeder artist Lorn, who's a big fan.
Dolor’s persona as a musician has been on the rise of late thanks to a mass of self-released material, including ‘Macabre’, ‘A Chapel For Velvet’, and other innovative collaborations with Milwaukee’s adoptahighway, and Lorn. His ‘Drugs’ mixtape with Lorn was also extremely popular.
This five tracker opens with 'Our Number', a synthwave love-on with future R&B and bass music - emotive slip-sliding autotuned vox, lush strings and atmospheric washes married to off kilter skittering 808s. 'Pull Me In' follows a similar pattern for its first half before taking a turn into darkness... 'It’s Sexy Outside' is also a game of two halves - slow and slinky to start with then heading to the dancefloor on a wave of speeding electrohouse beats. Title track 'Mysteria' goes for the full synthwave layering, letting the alt-R&B beats lead the way as the queasy synths slide over the top. To close 18andCounting adds a moody (and don't-try-this-at-home) rap to future hip hop 'Classic Is Over'."

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