Monday, 15 October 2012

Portrait of Anthony Nuku (1984 - 2012)

anthony nuku portrait 150 dpi

This a portrait I made for a very good friend of mine in Australia. The subject is Anthony Nuku, who tragically passed away earlier this year.

This is the photo that I based the portrait on:


The background is based on the lining of one of Nuku's favourite jackets:


Here are some pictures of the work in progress and of the image in my studio in Bristol. (Sorry about the poor quality - they were taken on my phone)





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Unknown said...

He was my next door neighbour when I was 13, one of my dearest child hood friends. I've missed him dearly. I've just tried to contact him so I could share with him some photos that I came across last night in my cupboard, and came across this beautiful portrait and the news of his passing 😔 I'm 5 Years too late 😔 you've done an amazing job, this truly captures him. Thank you for sharing.