Sunday, 12 February 2012

Portrait of Coco Chanel for Wonderland LA

This is a portrait of Coco Chanel I have created for a group show at Kat Von D's Wonderland Gallery in West Hollywood LA. The show is opening in a few weeks.

Here is some information about the gallery and the show that the gallery director sent me:

'Wonderland came into existence one year ago as a project space for artists and creative people to reach a large and diverse audience. The gallery space in West Hollywood is a place to display local artisan talent as well as provide drawing and painting workshops. The boutique section supports independent artists of all genres around the world and allows visitors to take home small pieces of art, handmade jewelry, books and home d├ęcor. The concept for the show, entitled "I Want To Be First" is about not only embracing the empowered independent woman, but also spotlighting female pioneers of the arts and sciences. Who was the first woman to bring down the house at a vaudeville theater? Who was the first to name a star? Who was the first to shred a guitar solo? You might be inspired by Madame Curie, Sappho, Diane Arbus, Mae West, Joan Jett or Yoko Ono, or choose cultural icons and hard core historical figures, the possibilities loom large!'

I chose to create a portrait of Coco Chanel because of her pioneering work in fashion. She redefined women's clothing and was the first woman to triumph simple, un-fussy, un-corseted designs, and also the first to allow masculine influences to enter her design aesthetic.

I drew the image in graphite and ink. Then I scanned it into the computer and added colours, and also changed the composition by cutting and pasting in Photoshop. I hope you like it!

Scroll down to see work in progress images and details:



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