Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Daytrip to Tossa del Mar

Took a bus on Sunday to meet the twins and their big sister at Tossa del Mar. Great name, for a start. Its a little town on the Costa Brava, an hour and twenty minutes drive from Barcelona. A bit touristy, but we found a beautiful rocky beach in front of a 13th century castle around the corner from the main beach which was lovely, apart from the fact that there were lots of jellyfish so I didn't swim very much.


zmkc said...

Lovely pictures. What kinds of jellyfish - have I ever told you about when I was stung by a Portugese man of war? (It's a kind of jellyfish, by the way)

E R I N said...

i ADORE this series of photos! It's pouring rain here now but spring is on it's way so im excited to have this yummy weather soon here in Australia!

these photos are just perfect... busy beaches aren't so fun but they DO provide lots of BEAUTIFUL photos opportunities!!